realtime projection mapping solutions

Projection mapping, re-invented.


What we do

Projection mapping for buildings and objects.

Our goal is to make incredible content tailored to your needs. To achieve this we developed a new technology that allows us to work faster and at higher quality than anyone else. Using realtime technology we can merge the worlds of video game, augmented and virtual reality to projection mapping. This technology also brings interactivity in the mix. All of this at a lower cost than the competition.

Stores, events, venues, bands, artists. We're here for you.

What we offer

Content, software and installation. We take care of everything.

We are artists and creators at heart. We believe that the content is what truly matters. When working with you, we want to bring your event to another level. To do this we are offering the following services:

  • Surveying and 3D modeling of the object/building of your event.

  • Content creation that matches your brand and event.

  • Interactive content, responding to audio or user input

  • Custom made tools to integrate with other aspects of your event

  • On site installation of projection equipment.

  • Projection of content during the event.

By overseeing the whole process and using our in-house tools we can bring innovative solutions that will exceed your expectations. Working along with you and your team, we can make people see and live a new kind of experience.


How it works

Projection-mapping meets real-time rendering

Realtime technology is the future of the gaming and movie industries. In the past few years the limits have been pushed to levels never seen before and it only makes to bring that technology to projection mapping.

Realtime means that every frame is rendered immediately as you see it. No need for lengthy render times anymore. What that means for projection mapping is more flexibility, cheaper cost, faster turnaround times and a endless number of new possibilities such as interactivity,where the projection mapping animations react to sounds or user inputs.


Who we are

We're a startup based in New York, Singapore and Switzerland. We saw a great opportunity in merging the worlds of projection-mapping and real-time rendering, the technology behind video games. We developed a software that is unique to our company and that allows us to create beautiful interactive shows with incredibly realistic visuals. This also allows us more flexibility when setting up the installation which makes the process cheaper and more efficient. 


Ready to bring you event to the next level ?


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We’d love to hear about your event or about any questions you have. Contact us through the form or email us directly at You can also reach us by phone at (347) 460-9292